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Yoo Rummy gives you the opportunity to compete against real players who play online rummy on a daily basis. You will also be able to win cash prizes while you are experiencing the most authentic online rummy experience of your life. You’ll not only be able to enjoy unmatched thrills and excitement wherever you roam with Yoo Rummy. This is because it’s a fun and exciting mobile game that you can always take with you! With the Yoo Rummy mobile app for Android smartphones and tablets, you can play rummy anytime, anywhere, no matter where you are.



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Frequently asked questions

There is nothing complicated about learning and playing Indian Rummy. It can be played by two to six players at a time with one or two standard decks of cards. A player is dealt 13 cards and the remaining ones are arranged at the center of the table in closed and open piles. Each player chooses a card from the closed deck or open deck and discards an unwanted card from their hand into the open deck. In this way, sequences and sets can be combined in a variety of ways. Players keep playing until one declares their cards, which prompts others to do the same. The first player wins and gets 0 points if their declaration is valid. On the basis of ungrouped cards in their hands, the remaining players are penalized.
An Indian rummy game is incomplete without a joker. When a card is missing from a sequence or set, this method is used to make up for the loss. Wild cards and printed jokers are both used in rummy. A standard deck of cards contains printed jokers. The game starts with the drawing of a wild card. As an example, if the suit is 5, the crazy jokers will be all the 5’s in the other suits.
Drawing cards is one of the steps in a rummy game, in which players pick cards from both the closed deck and the open deck. The player throws any unwanted cards from their hand into the open pile when a card is drawn. Taking items out of your possession and discarding them is the act of discarding them. Organizing cards into appropriate combinations and declaring them accordingly is possible by drawing and discarding cards.
It is a well-known fact that there is a lot of skill involved in the world of rummy. In order to succeed in this field, one needs to be patient, focused, and have an understanding of strategies in order to succeed. In an Indian Rummy game, one or more players play thirteen cards with one another in a round, using a program that uses a random number generator to deal the cards in an automated manner.

A player can decide whether or not to play a game or a particular round before drawing their first card. A drop occurs if a player doesn’t play a game/round before drawing their first card, which is typically called the first drop. A middle drop occurs if a player drops out after picking his/her first card in a game/round. It is not possible to pull out of a Match of 2 or Game of 3 game.


Points Rummy

101 Pool Rummy

201 Pool Rummy

First Drop

20 Points

20 Points

25 Points

Middle Drop

40 Points

40 Points

45 Points

It is imperative to note that there is no option to drop in Deals Rummy. A game is lost if a player leaves the table or misses three consecutive turns.

The player must declare or show his/her hand of cards for validation before being pronounced the winner. Showing or declaring is what is meant by this term. Let’s see which hands are invalid.

  • The remaining cards should be arranged in sets or sequences, with at least two sequences, including one pure sequence.
  • The number of sequences in the hand must be at least two for the hand to be valid.
During your time on JungleeRummy.com, you will have the opportunity to participate in Practice Games, as well as Cash Games. As a practice tool, there is no need for you to spend any money in the game, as you can use free chip sets as a substitute. As a result, if you are interested in participating in Cash Games, you will need to deposit money in your account before you can begin playing. The Cash Games are tournaments in which players from across the country can compete against one another in order to win real money.
Playing online rummy is exciting, especially when you get to participate in cash tournaments. It is possible to earn a fortune when you use your rummy skills in a cash tournament. A small registration/entry fee is required in order to take part in a cash tournament. With the chance to win big cash prizes, you will have the chance to win big! A few of Junglee Rummy’s most popular cash tournaments can be found.
A free tournament is a tournament in which there is no entry fee. Players can take part in these tournaments to win direct entry tickets to cash tournaments. In these tournaments they can play for prizes worth lakhs of rupees, which they can use to qualify for cash prizes. Our free rummy tables will teach you how to play rummy like a pro, and you’ll be able to take home your winnings.